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Welcome to Quarantine!

We are a casual guild on the Madoran server looking to create a friendly and fun gaming environment. We are currently exploring the new content in Cataclysm and leveling our members in anticipation of raiding in the future. If you are looking to find a place to hang out with some very exciting people, please fill out an application.

Our current officers are:

        • Glyx (Guild Master)
        • Adiella (Admin. Officer)
        • Cyno (Admin. Officer) 
        • Edanna (Admin. Officer)        
        • Ktch (Admin. Officer)    
        • Tab (Admin. Officer)
        • Brysania (Guild Recruiter)  
        • Galliano (Sergeant-At-Arms)

Other Guild News


Goth Chic, Dec 30, 10 7:07 PM.
Cataclysm is here! We are knee deep in protecting what remains of Azeroth. We encourage all of our members to play, have fun, and explore all the opportunities Cataclysm has to offer. Once the dust has settled a bit and the new shiny has worn off a bit we will start Justice Point 5man farming to gear for 10man raiding in the future. 
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